Introducing Your Child to School


What to Expect

Children handle new situations with surprising ease when they know what to expect. Tell your child she will be meeting new friends, playing games and having fun. Let her know we will play on the playground, ride tricycles, and play with play dough and do art projects. Tell her there will be other moms and dads at the school who will be there to help her as well as teachers to guide her through the day. Be sure to let her know that you will stay with her until she is ready to be on her own.

Daily Schedule

Your Child's First Day

Allow ample time for the unhurried completion of your morning routine so that you and your child arrive at the school between 9:00 and 9:30 feeling relaxed and secure. Help your child find his cubby and store his extra clothes and other belongings. His lunch should go on the cart beside the double doors. Be sure to show him where the bathroom is and point out the parent helpers. Follow your child's lead as he explores his surroundings. If he isn't ready to jump right in and play with the other children encourage him to play alongside them or to find something he would like to play with on his own. Allow your child to cling to you if he feels the need.

Easing into separation

Some children want their parent to leave minutes after walking into the schoolyard. Others require a more gradual separation. It's important to follow your child's lead when it comes to leaving her/him at school. Here are some tips for making a smooth break: